We create innovative media programs that effectively connect your business with your best potential customers.

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It’s simple. You want to sell more products & services. 
We help you do it more efficiently.


Reach close to 100% of your target audience using digital display ads that are as precisely targeted as direct mail, at a fraction of the cost.


Smart Target enables extremely precise targeting of your best prospects. Using non-cookie based technology, we reach your audience precisely and completely. The result... you grow sales and brand equity faster and more efficiently.


Many online display ad solutions use cookie based technology. They miss a large portion of the target audience because a majority of consumers block cookies. Most providers also use contextual and behavioral targeting. These can deliver lots of wasted impressions.


Smart Target is hyper precise. It delivers nearly 100% of the target audience with few wasted impressions. Smart Target delivers cost-effective frequency that builds brands and sells.





Serve them ads when they are ready to take action...


Purchase Intent Targeting is much more efficient than AdWords and has much greater branding impact.


EXAMPLE: A mid-size Italian restaurant with 3 locations...


SEARCH TERM SPECIFIC “restaurants, Italian cooking, Italian recipes”, etc.

GEO TARGETED 10 mile radius from each location

DEMO SPECIFIC women 35 – 64 with HH income $75K+

CONTEXT SPECIFIC “dine out frequently”


Business to business marketing has always had two problems…

affordability and frequency. Problems solved.



The solution? Total Reach 360, a new tool that delivers your message in an unintrusive way to your best prospects with frequency of message, and efficiency
of delivery.


  • Business to business digital marketing is redefined by Total Reach 360. Deliver actionable frequency in an uncluttered environment.
  • Segment business targets and messages by their value to you, by geographic location, and dozens of other variables.
  • Connect with business owners in all the places where your competitors don't.
  • Deliver your message to business owners at work and at home with real frequency.  Connect with them on all devices (Try doing that with a trade publication). The result… you out-flank your competitors and sell more products or services.


Innovative marketing services for aftermarket suppliers and distributors.

Over 25 years experience in Auto AfterMarketing.



SHOPREACH360 Target the right audiences at the right time. Deliver targeted messages to repair shop owners (and other shop personnel) at work and at home.

We support recycling. That is, we help make sure it’s your boxes that are getting recycled. Shop Reach 360 is a completely new way to reach the most valuable repair shops. We reach both the shop owner and the guy who throws the box away. We find them at work and at home, on any device, and wherever they go online. You get branding and message frequency that’s unavailable in any other media, and at a very affordable rate. The result… you’ll sell more parts.


Target by geography, shop size, shop specialty etc. Segment shops by their value to your business. Connect with shop owners in an uncluttered environment where your competitors are not reaching them. You’ll reach service writers and technicians, too.  We deliver the right audience… you sell more parts and increase brand equity.
Sound good?


Influence the people that influence the purchase. Deliver targeted ads to counter people, store managers and other store employee’s.


Want counters to recommend your parts? Counter people are valuable to you, and Counter Connect reaches them. Gain brand equity and influence the people who influence the purchase. Do it in a way your competitors can’t. Intrigued?


Reach consumers when they’re actively looking for what you’re selling. Consumers don’t care about what you’re selling… until they need it. That’s the idea behind Consumer Connect.


We target consumers when they are in-market for your parts and service because they just don’t remember ads they saw two months ago.


Most aftermarket consumer marketing is based on intuition, with marketers placing ads where they might connect with consumers. This results in a huge amount of wasted impressions.


Consumer Connect offers precise consumer level targeting using vehicle owner data, geography, service needed, and other variables. Our technology targets ads to consumers who actually need and want your services and products now. We target better, you sell more parts and service. We can prove it.


Two Month Campaign Focused on Trade Professionals


A large tool manufacturer wanted to target trade professionals to communicate a promotion for a specific line of tools.


The tool manufacturer retained MontAd Media and utilized its proprietary Shop Reach 360 technology to launch a digital program to communicate the promotion to trade professionals.


The Shop Reach 360 digital campaign delivered a top line ROI of 35x and Shop Reach 360 vastly outperformed previous year sales (which utilized traditional media) by more than 50%.





Multi-Channel really works… but only if all the channels reach the same people.


We help take some of the guesswork out of planning integrated media campaigns.  No matter what you sell, a highly segmented audience that is engaged with your brand, on more than one device, and via multiple media channels, delivers the best results.


Targeting a defined audience with multiple channels isn’t easy, and lots of money can be wasted trying. Want your direct mail audience to see your banner ads? We can help. Want your banner ad audience to hear your radio spots… we can help.


Eliminate wasted impressions and deliver a multi-channel immersion of your brand to the exact right audience. That’s how you sell more stuff without spending more money.


Seamlessly Integrate Print and Digital Campaigns


MontAd Media has decades of experience producing print marketing programs that produce measurable results:


• Media planning

• Creative and production

• Printing and distribution

• Direct mail marketing

• Magazine and trade pub ads


Our newer suite of services integrates print and digital campaigns for a holistic customer experience. Our print attribution modeling method gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness of print components of branding campaigns. This gives our clients a true understanding of the value of all marketing media customer touch points.



You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

But what if you know exactly when the horse is thirsty?


According to Hubspot, an investment in conversion tools yields over 100% more ROI than traffic–building investments.


Most companies spend ad dollars to drive traffic to their websites. Then they look backwards and analyze visitor behavior using tools like Google Analytics. With Conversion Catalyst, you'll understand those visitors in real-time and instantly drive them to actions that increase leads, brand preference and sales. Conversion Catalyst is a high performance web marketing tool that is fast and easy to implement, and affordable for any size company.



  • Every visitor is scored on every page click in microseconds

  • Scoring is based on variables like frequency, recency, time spent,
    pages viewed, etc.

  • If visitor reaches optimal score, they become a potential lead and a customized form is served. Otherwise, visitor they are left alone

  • If form is not filled in but just closed, visitor will not be targeted again

  • If visitor responds to the form, our predictive algorithms learn and better target other site visitors


For more information on how well Conversion Catalyst performs,